Ways We Save Money: March 2017 Edition

save money, save, savings, ways we save, how to save, free, frugal, cheapYou know I love to save money! And, I really love sharing how I manage to save so much money with all of you. 🙂

We have been really busy lately with trying to get ready for baby boy #3. He is expected at the end of next month and our house is in no way ready to take on another little boy. I mean, by this time in my last 2 pregnancies, the baby had a full wardrobe, a completely decked out nursery, a NAME! Lord, help me, we are WAY behind! But, I digress…

We did manage to cut costs, save money, and live below our means last month. Check out all the ways we saved…

save money, save, savings, ways we save, how to save, free, frugal, cheapHow we save money on furniture.

The biggest way we saved money this month was by taking a free, used dresser from my aunt. I mentioned before that we are trying to get our house ready for baby #3’s arrival. Well, we have a three bedroom house, so the two older boys have had to combine into one room. They LOVE it! This change meant I needed a dresser that would fit in their small room.

I began to shop for one and honestly couldn’t find one I liked well enough to drop a couple hundred dollars on. So, I asked around to see if anyone had one they were looking to get rid of or sell. My aunt, the dear sweet pack-rat that she is, happened to have one that fit perfectly! So, bam, an easy $200 or more saved!

How we save money on sports equipment.

It’s baseball season! Sports are fun but can cost a Mama a lot of money if she doesn’t know how to save. I saved money by buying my son used cleats from one of the local biannual children’s resale events. We ended up with a $25 pair of Nike cleats for $5.

I also saved on athletic wear (for practices and whatnot) by keeping an eye out for it all year long when things went on clearance.

How we save money on entertainment.

Have you ever been to a trampoline park? They are so much fun! Of course, I was sidelined this time since I’m a billion months pregnant. But we went over spring break and I did my research to make sure I got the best deal possible. We saved money two ways. First, we went during the less busy hours for toddler jump. For three hours on weekday mornings kids aged 3-6 jump for $7 and parents jump for $2.

I saved even more money because our 2 year old jumped free. We had three hours worth of family fun for $9, y’all. You just can’t beat it!ways we save money, how to save money, save money, savings, free, cheap, frugal, kids

How we save money on school lunch.

So our kindergartner is back in the pack-his-lunch-for-school phase. I normally make him a sandwich and he is happy with that. However, I found some Lunchables last month on clearance for half price, so he got to enjoy the kid luxury of cold, DIY Lunchables pizzas. He was thrilled. 😉

How Hubby saves money on his hobby: wood turning.

Hubby has a hobby, which I think is very important. However, hobbies can get expensive. Being the wise man that he is, he knows that to keep Mama happy, he needs to be frugal with his hobby. Wood turning requires lots of tools and lots of wood. He has surprised me by stepping out of his shyness and making connections.

Wood turning requires certain types of dry wood. You can buy readily, but at a steep price. He has found ways of getting it free, y’all! He has cut up fallen trees off of strangers property (with their permission), made actual face-to-face friendships with people off of Facebook wood turning groups and shared and received wood from them, he has won supplies through giveaways and been very thrifty with his tool purchases. I have trained him well! 😉

ways we save money, how to save money, save money, savings, free, cheap, frugal, kids

Well, those are the fun ways we saved money last month. What about you, how were you frugal and thrifty last month? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

XOX, Gabrielle

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XOXO, Gabrielle


  1. Linda Tomlin says:

    Love your ideas for saving..Ian’s wood work is awesome !!! Since our rv home burned we have been going to yard sales to find things to furnish,,,when we get one,,,lol…God has been so good to supply me with clothes that burned,,,new Bibles,,,now for the small stuff.God will supply…You have given me great ideas. Tell Ian he can make me something any time he wants too,,,,lol,lol

    • mgrtyler@yahoo.com says:

      Thanks! Yes, God is SO good! I will let Ian know you are always willing to take some of that woodwork off of his hands. lol

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