Ways We Save Money: February 2017 Edition

save, savings, free, cheap, frugal, ways we save, save moneyDon’t you love that wonderful feeling you get when you save money?! I mean I can get pretty excited even when it’s only a few dollars.

This month we managed to save money a lot of ways, and thank God too because I had to finally break down and buy myself a new (new to me) car. But, I also managed to pay off the last of our student loans this month too. So, I guess it has been a really busy month financially speaking.

How did we save money last month? Grab a cup of coffee and stay a while and I’ll tell ya.

How I save money on Raw Honey.

So, I saw an add for free raw honey from the health food website Thrivemarket.com. Of course, I was skeptical because when something is free online, you normally end up paying $20 for shipping. That’s how they get ya, folks. But, not this time!

I had two options to get my free honey. Either I could pay $1.99 shipping -still an awesome deal- or I could add another item of at least a $1 value to my cart and it would ship for free.

So, of course I found some Harvest Snaps for $1.49 and got free shipping. So, I ended up with a jar of honey and a bag of Harvest Snaps shipped right to my door for $1.49. I love raw honey and Harvest Snaps. Not only was it an awesome deal but it was a deal on things we actually normally purchase. I’m pretty proud of this awesome find.

save money, ways we save, frugal, cheap, free

Haw I save money on my vehicle.

So If you read the top few paragraphs, you know that I bought a new car this month. I’m really excited about it but I hesitated to get one for a long time. Why? Because the car I was driving was completely paid for. I saved so much money by driving an old car! I drove that thing until it literally died. I can’t be prouder of all the money I saved by not having to have a nicer car just because I could afford it. The car wasn’t awful, but it wasn’t great either, but I put my pride on the back burner and it really paid off (in savings) for me.

Check me out with my pregnant belly and my new “mom car”. 😉  I love it!

save money, ways we save, frugal, cheap, free

How I save money on weekend entertainment.

I am always looking for something cheap or free to do with my children on the weekends. Of course, lately we have been so busy with birthday parties and weddings, etc. that we haven’t needed to pick our weekend entertainment. One thing we did get to do in February that was completely free to us was a local fishing tournament.

I registered early and both of my boys got free draw-string backpack goody bags filled with stuff and we got to fish for free. They also had door prizes at the end. One of my boys won a new fishing pole. So we ended up with free fun, free goody bags, free food, free games and a new fishing pole! All because we keep an eye out for free community events.

frugal, cheap, save money, ways we save

How I save money on Valentine’s Day cards.

I always buy our Valentines Day cards a year in advance. I try to get non-candy valentines but if I have to get candy, I check dates and make sure I have candy that will still be in date for next year. I saved $5.40 this year by purchasing cards at 90% off last year. And of course, I have already bought for next year, too. I got pencil valentines this time, so no checking dates required!

frugal, cheap, save money, ways we save

How I saved money on lunch with the ladies.

A bunch of us ladies went out to a local B&B for my Mom’s birthday last month. We had a wonderful time. It was made even better when I got to eat for free because I happened to have a gift certificate. I received the gift certificate as a Christmas gift and have just been hanging on to it. I never rush out to use a gift card or gift certificate right when I get it because I love having them available all year long when random occasions arise. Hoarded gift cards mean random savings! 😉

frugal, cheap, save money, ways we save

How I save money on baby shoes.

Okay, so admitting this savings will show you that I do not always follow my own advice, but here goes! 😉 As you may know from this post, I do not recommend online shopping out of boredom or habit, but I just couldn’t help myself on Presidents Day. I checked the SouthernSavers website and saw that Old Navy had free shipping and an additional 40% of their clearance and I just had to go look.

My real purpose was to quickly look for maternity tank tops, which I found for $8 a piece. I was not thrilled with the price but was getting a little desperate for some 6-months-pregnant belly coverage, if ya know what I mean.

Well, while I was  on the site I thought I really had better just check on the additional 40% off baby clearance in case there was something I couldn’t resist. Of course, there were a couple of things I thought I had to have, but the best deal was these baby sandals for $2.59. With free shipping I just had to. So, i did! I got them in two different sizes for that price! Aren’t they irresistible?!

(The little shortall that the shoes are sitting on was on clearance too. It was $9, which is more than I normally like to spend, but look how precious it is!)

frugal, cheap, save money, ways we save

How I save money on apple juice.

At ages 2 and 5, I still water down my children’s apple juice. Yup, I said it. I just don’t think they need to be chugging all that sugar all day long. I DO NOT do this to save money, I do it to cut some sugar out of my children’s diets, but I do enjoy the fact that it stretches my apple juice budget!

How I made extra money last month!

I know, this is a post about how we save money, but we made a little bit of extra cash last month and it was so easy I thought I would share how we did it with ya.

We made $24 by logging our radio listening habits into a survey booklet for Neilsen. It was so easy to just write in our radio habits each day and mail it out at the end of the week. They paid postage and they sent actual cash for payment, some up front and the rest once they received the booklets. So, I was pretty excited about this seemingly effortless money earned. Plus, the more surveys you do with them, the bigger the payments are!

frugal, cheap, save money, ways we save

These are just some of the ways we save money.

I am always watching for a deal! Now it’s your turn to share your money saving tips and frugal ways with the rest of us. Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

XOX, Gabrielle

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  1. Sarah says:

    I love these posts that you do! Nice car! 🙂
    I love the fishing tournament idea. I googled it for our area, but the only thing they have is a fly fishing festival. Hubby isn’t really into fly fishing! But that’s an awesome idea! And the shoes are adorable!

    • mgrtyler@yahoo.com says:

      Thanks Sarah! Hubby and I don’t really fish often but we thought it would be a lot of fun for the boys. And we live on a pond, so we really should fish more often. lol Thanks for reading, and commenting, and sharing your sweetness! Have a lovely day.

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