Ways We Save Money: April 2017 Edition

frugal, savings, save money, save, cheap, freeHello, my fellow money savers!

I hope this Saturday finds you well and ready to save money on your weekend fun. I cannot believe that it’s almost May! Isn’t Spring just a glorious time of year?!

Well, before I get into sharing all the fun ways we were frugal and saved money, pinched pennies and cut costs in April, let me apologize for not posting very faithfully this month. We have had a whole lot going on. But, I am still here, still alive and kicking, and still saving money y’all! No matter what is happening, I always manage to be frugal.

Check out 10 frugal ways we were able to save money in April…frugal, savings, save money, save, cheap, free

Ways we save money at Subway!

I love Subway, but rarely eat there because I can eat cheaper at Taco Bell. I know y’all, my frugal side is totally at war with my healthy side. The struggle rages between the two on a regular basis! Recently both sides won when I learned from a friend, (love you Lexi!) that you can sign up for Subway text offers and get a coupon sent to your phone weekly. The best part is, when you sign up you immediately get a coupon for a free 6 inch sandwich with the purchase of a drink.

I had lunch for less than $2 one day last week with that intro coupon! And they sent me a coupon for a free cookie this week. I was able to refrain from the cookie, but like I said, the struggle was real!

So, go sign up for Subway text offers, y’all! You can do that here.

save money, frugal, subway, cheap, savings

Ways we save money at Starbucks.

Yesterday I went through Starbucks with some other ladies. I actually stayed in the car, saving money and calories, while they ran in and got what they wanted. Once they were in the car one of them realized their drink wasn’t quite right. Her Iced Peach Green Tea Lemonade was missing its lemonade. So, we pulled through the drive through and they remade her drink, gave her a larger size and let her keep the Peach Green Tea, which she gave to me!

I love a place that will make sure their customer is happy when they leave! So, I got a free drink out of the deal! I still saved money, we don’t have to talk about those calories. 😉

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How we saved money on diapers with Amazon!

We love amazon.com and use it regularly. As I write this post, I am coming to ya live from my last month of my pregnancy. So, diapers have been on my mind a lot lately. I keep an eye out for diaper deals and was pleasantly surprised when SoutherSavers advertised a deal through Amazon that got me 50 count packages of diapers for $2.50 with free shipping through Amazon Subscribe and Save.

If you don’t know about Subscribe and Save, its an option to have specific items sent to your house every month. You usually save about 20% off of Amazon’s already low prices, sometimes more. And, you can opt out at any time. I planned to opt out after this first shipment, but when I went on-line to do it I just couldn’t let go of the deal! So, I will be receiving 4 packs each months for $10 until I decide I don’t want to anymore.  I can’t beat that price!

They are not a brand I have used before, but they look like good quality and I can not wait to give them a try!


How we saved money on diapers with Honest Co.!

Honest Co. diapers are so cute! They are quite expensive though. One of the fun parts about having a new baby is the cutesy stuff you can use for them. Well, Honest Co. has a subscription service for their products, a lot like Amazon. In April they ran a special where you could sign up for their subscription and get your second month free.

So, I got 6 packs of diapers and 4 packs of wipes this month for $79.95, but next month I will get that same pacakge for free. So, that makes 12 packs of diapers and 8 packs of wipes for half off!

Once I get my free shipment, I’ll unsubscribe! And don’t be worried, I WILL unsubscribe. I have put it on my calendar and put a reminder in my phone.

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How we save money on Easter egg dye.

This is so easy. Last year I bought dye kits for 90% off and put it up for this year. I have already bought some for next year too.

free, cheap, frugal, savings, save money, ways we save, how to save money, easter savingsfree, cheap, frugal, savings, save money, ways we save, how to save money, easter savings

How we save money on filling Easter eggs.

Every Easter we are asked to bring filled eggs to church and school. I always save my plastic eggs from the year before and refill them. It’s not a massive savings, but it’s still savings, y’all! Oh, and I NEVER buy pre-filled eggs. The mark up on those things is crazy!

free, cheap, frugal, savings, save money, ways we save, how to save money, Easter savings

How we save money on Easter clothes!

I always buy our Easter clothes in the winter when spring/summer clothes go on clearance. My big boy’s outfit was $6 and the little guy wore a precious suit handed down from his brother. (Of course it was purchased a few years back in the winter on clearance too!) Hubby wore a suit he has had forever and I wore maternity clothes borrowed from two different friends. Next year I will make sure I have a cute, new (and frugal) outfit, but I was NOT spending money on maternity clothes, especially this late in the game.

free, cheap, frugal, savings, save money, ways we save, how to save money, easter savings

How we save money on Easter basket junk.

Yes, I do mean junk. I do not love all the little junk toys floating around my house, but it is worth it because my sweet boys thoroughly enjoy receiving a basket full of Easter goodies. I do not let the Easter Bunny take credit either, y’all!

I always buy Easter basket fillers after Easter when everything goes to 75% or 90% off. I stocked up last year and put it up for this year. I ended up saving a lot of money that way. And, you know I have already bought and put away Easter stuff for next year.

free, cheap, frugal, savings, save money, ways we save, how to save money, Easter savings

How Hubby saves money on wood.

Hubby has a wood turning habit. Did I say habit? I meant hobby. 🙂 He loves crafting wood into bowls, pens, etc. But, wood is expensive. I had no idea! Well he scours Craigslist looking for free or cheap wood. Recently I spoke at a ladies conference in the Dallas area and he decided to join me for a couple of days of kid-free time.

While there he searched Dallas craigslist and found a bunch of FREE wood. That adventurous man went and filled the trunk of my car up with as much free wood as he could get. I wasn’t sure if I was proud that he saved so much money or peeved because my beautiful car was full of wet, smelly, buggy logs! Proudness won out, though!

free, cheap, frugal, savings, save money, ways we save, how to save money, wood turning

How I save money on underwear.

So, the other day I was walking through Wal-Mart congratulating myself on being so classy as to not dig through a cart full of junk on clearance when I spotted a different cart full of undies with a big ‘ol $1.00 sign hanging off of it. My assumed snootiness fell right of as I rushed over to take that cart by storm. I got over 10 pairs of cute undies for less than $10. Some of them were 2 and 3 packs. For ONE DOLLAR people! I stocked up!

free, cheap, frugal, savings, save money, ways we save, how to save money, savings on panties

And there ya have it folks, 10 ways we were penny pinchers in April. I hope I inspired you to embrace your frugal side and look for new ways to be frugal!

XOX, Gabrielle

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  1. Tina says:

    I always check the clearance isle at Walmart for great deals. As you know I also found diapers really cheap. So of course I had to get the grand babies some. Found more on clearance couple days later and took advantage of that as well.

  2. Lexie says:

    Thanks for sharing! Have you used the Honest diapers before? I’d be curious to know what you think of them. I thought they were really cute, but the didn’t hold much and my baby’s skin was wet when we changed him. I used three that I got as a Target sample and returned all the rest that I had. 🙁 I know every baby is different though!

    • mgrtyler@yahoo.com says:

      Uhoh! I havent used them before. Lord help, I have a billion of them. I hope they work out. lol

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