Ways We Save: January 2017 Edition

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It’s the first post of the month and you know what that means? It’s time for me to share all the ways we saved money last month! Check it out…

save, savings, ways we save, frugal, cheap

How I save money on shoes.

Did you know that Dillard’s department store always has a huge clearance sale on New Year’s Day? Not only do they have a lot of clearance items, but you get to take an additional 50% of the clearance price. It’s one of the best shopping days of the year, y’all!

This year was all about shoes for me. I ended up getting three pairs of shoes for my boys. If I had paid full price they would have cost $143, but I only paid $40.65! That’s a $102.35 savings.

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How I save money on date night.

We received a $50 gift card to Olive Garden for Christmas. I LOVE receiving gift cards. We were able to go out on a date and not pay a penny. The only thing better than unlimited Olive Garden salad and bread sticks, is FREE unlimited salad and bread sticks. It was delicious and we had a great time without spending a penny.

How I save money at Chick-Fil-A.save money, savings, save, frugal, cheap, free

Have you gotten your Chick-Fil-A cow calendar yet? It may not be too late. We always get one because I absolutely love getting free Chick-Fil-A each month. This month it was a free soup. Their chicken noodle soup is delicious and perfect comfort food in cold weather. Next month is a mystery offer which is always something really good!

How I save money on K-cups.

I love my Keurig machine, but I refuse to buy K-cups. I use the reusable cups and pack them with my own favorite coffee. Don’t be fooled, you do not have to buy K-cups to enjoy the convenience of a Keurig. For more Keurig tips and hacks, check out this post.

How I save money on lunch.

Okay, so December was a busy month and I found myself in the Taco Bell drive-through more times than I care to admit. So, this month, I resolved to do better. I brought my lunch to work and saved a lot of money that I was throwing at Taco Bell. It adds up y’all. Not only did I save money, I made healthier choices. Yay me! 😉

How I save money on weekend entertainment.

January was uncharacteristically warm for us this year so we frequented the park. I love the free and easy entertainment that the park provides. Instead of spending money on keeping my children busy on the weekends, we just took a little drive to the park. Not only was it free, there was lots of sunshine to soak up.

How I save money on baby clothes.

I got everything you see in the picture below for free! How? Well I had a gift card, waited for a huge clearance sell and free shipping. As soon as I got my email that Gymboree was having a massive clearance sale with free shipping, I hopped on over to their website and loaded up my cart! All 8 of these baby items cost $52, but free for me because of my gift card. Our little bun in the oven will have some cute things waiting on him when he arrives. They are a $198 value. That’s crazy!
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How I save money on books.

I take my children to play at the library all the time, I write a lot about that, but I usually just focus on what it has to offer for them. When we get there we head straight for the children’s area. I mean looking at adult books really isn’t a priority for my boys. 😉 So, I went without them. Yep, you heard that right. I took a moment to go look for some Mama entertainment. The coolest part about it was that when I checked out my book, they show on the receipt how much money I saved by using the library instead of buying books. The book I’m reading now would have cost $35! So that’s an easy $35 saved!

How I save money on maternity clothes.

I am expecting our 3rd little bundle of joy this Summer! There are so many joys and wonders during pregnancy, but be prepared, there are a lot of not-so-pleasant parts too. One of which is the price of maternity clothes. My word, they are high!

So, this time around, I flat out refuse to buy any. I will only wear the clothes I saved from past pregnancies and clothes I have borrowed. I WILL NOT be buying any. Sorry Motherhood Maternity, not this time. I am saving a lot of money by not falling pray to maternity fashion trends!

There you have it, the fun ways we saved money last month!

Now it’s your turn, what are you doing to cut costs? Share your thought in the commments below.

XOX, Gabrielle

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  1. Dianna says:

    HI Gabrielle: What a wonderful way your library has in sharing just how much their patrons are saving per visit. I know I save about $3500 just on my own reading material for the year. Which Library do you use? I’d like to ask them about their receipts.

    • mgrtyler@yahoo.com says:

      It’s the Webster Parish Library. One of the employees told me that it was an option they had on their receipts that they just turned on. So, I bet that your library can easily do it too.

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