Repurposed Home Decor Hack

repurposed home decor

Re-purposing is so much fun. It’s frugal and creative and I just love it. I recently re-purposed a rarely-used item in my home to make my dining table pop! If you are anything like me, your dinning table is more then a place for family meals. Am I right?

My dining table is also a scrapbook desk, a sewing table, a wrapping station, a blogging desk, and the list goes on and on and on. My table sees so much more than food! But, just because its a work space, as well as a dinner table, doesn’t mean it has look sparse or boring.

Enter the Re-purposed Home Decor Hack!

There is an easy way to always have a decorated dining table, no matter what function the table is serving at the time…

Re-purpose a breakfast tray!

Place it in the center of your dining table, or wherever, and use it as the base for your decorative display. Don’t you love a good re-purpose?!



This re-purpose is:

  • Convenient, because you can move the entire arrangement at once.
  • Tidy, because it creates a space for everything.
  • Pretty and adds a little something extra.
  • Frugal!

Plus, its so easy to change out your decorations for each holiday or season.

Here is my lovely tray in the Fall. (There are battery powered lights in the pumpkin.)

fall tray

And here it is at Christmas.

winter tray

I just love it! It looks fabulous and when it’s time for the table to be a homework station or a sewing spot I can whip that whole arrangement out of the way in a split second. It’s so easy!

Re-purposed Tray Tips:

  1. Put a runner under it for added dimension.
  2. Catty-corner it.
  3. Use battery operated lights or candles for a little shimmer.
  4. Decorate with varying heights.
  5. Less is more.

I’m so glad I decided to use this gorgeous tray for more than the occasional breakfast in bed! Who am I kidding, we have kids, there is no breakfast in bed. It was just gathering dust!

What about you? Do you have any other ideas for easy decorating and re-purposing that still looks fabulous? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Toodles, Gabrielle

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