Get FREE Panties at Victoria’s Secret Every Month!

free panties every month

Every single month I get a coupon for FREE panties at Victoria’s Secret!

And on my birthday they send me a $10 gift card. I have been enjoying this for 10 glorious years! I honestly cannot remember the last time I bought panties. And, I’m a young married lady, so cute panties are important, if you know what I mean. 😉

You should be getting these free panties too! Its so easy, let me show you how…free victoria's secret panties, free panties, victoria's secret, free stuff

First Step to Free Panties: Get a Victoria’s Secret Credit Card!

You can sign up in store or on line. It’s easy!

I NEVER use my VS credit card and have never had a balance on it. In fact, I have no clue where it is. It’s probably in my underwear drawer, buried deep. I have no idea! But, I do know this; every single month they send me a free panty coupon. For real, FREE!

Second Step to Free Panties: Watch the mail!

Every month you should receive these three coupons:

  • Free Panties
  • $10 off a bra (I only use those on occasion and I wait for a sale or promotion to sweeten the deal.)
  • A free specific item with a $75 purchase. (I have never used that one. Why would I? They keep me stocked on free panties, remember!)

And sometimes these:

  • A specially priced item
  • Birthday gift card (once a year)

Third Step to Free Panties: Grab those coupons and go to Victoria’s Secret!

With your coupon in hand, go straight to whichever panty display has the panties that are free this month. Ask any of the ladies working there and they will direct you. Pick out ONE lovely pair, then tunnel vision your way to the checkout counter. The cashier will bag it up and send you on your way with a smile and a COMPLETELY free panties. (You DON’T pay taxes! That’s important to note, because they wouldn’t be truly free if you did.)

She will even spray your tissue paper with some heavenly scent they are promoting. NO TAXES, no hassle, NO SHAME!

FYI: There are no rules about which color or print you have to pick (you used to have to get white, black or tan). The coupon says you have to use your Angel Card, but, I NEVER have. If you aren’t buying anything, there is nothing to charge on your card.

(I discovered this when I was a newly-wed trying to build credit. So, another perk of getting a store card is to build credit. Just be wise about it!)

So, there you go. Go now! I’ll wait. 🙂 You have no reason not to. Just don’t get crazy when you get in there and start spending a lot of money.

Stay focused, get your free panties and get out!

Do you know any other stores that offer free items regularly? I would love to know about any other fantastic deals.

Toodles,  Gabrielle

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