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motivation, get it donw, goals, weight loss, finances, save moneyY’all, lately I have had ZERO motivation. I mean, I have really just wanted to lay around and do nothing. Don’t worry, I haven’t been laying around doing nothing. That’s impossible with two little boys. But, it’s safe to say I have been getting by with the bare minimum. It could have something to do with being at the end of my 3rd pregnancy. 😉 But, the show must go on, the world keeps on turning, and the laundry keeps on piling up. Am I right?

So, what’s a girl to do when she has no motivation? Why, get on Pinterest and search for ways to get motivated of course. 😉 But, seriously, let me share with you some of the motivation-boosters that have gotten me moving.

Hold it! Let me just insert this here. I started writing this when I was at the end of my pregnancy and am just finishing it now that Caleb is a month old! So, no, I didn’t fall off of the face of the earth, I just took myself a little bit of maternity leave to stare at this adorable face…

But, now I am back and ready to kick some booty and take some names! I’m talking about an overhaul y’all. I am getting motivated spiritually, financially, creatively and physically (physically fit-ly?)! There is just something about birthing a human being that makes a girl feel powerful!

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But, back to the actual techniques I am employing to motivate myself…motivations, motivated, how to get motivated, get it done, accomplish things, weight loss, finances, savings,

Get motivated with “Before and After” pictures.

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Are you trying to get motivated to lose weight? Or, maybe, you need motivation to get organized, or clean up? “Before and After” stories and pictures will really get ya going. There is nothing like seeing someone else’s exciting success to make you want to build your own success.

Get motivated with Good Substance.

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No matter what you are trying to accomplish, submerging yourself in other people’s success will definitely make you want to create your own success. When I am in a blogging slump, I always go visit my favorite blogs to get motivated. Or, when I am trying to write something else, reading other author’s quality work gets me motivated.

Get motivated with a Support Group.

success, motivation, weight loss, goals, finances

Does that sound too official? I’m talking about low-key support groups, like Facebook groups or forums. For example, I love my Mommy Fitness Group on Facebook. Seeing weight-loss and healthy lifestyle things in my Facebook feed keeps healthy living on my mind. Plus, it’s nice to have a group of people who get it when it comes to weigh-loss struggles, etc. I can go ask other like-minded people questions and get encouragement and support there. It really is a motivator!

Get motivated with some Accountability.

success, motivation, weight loss, goals, finances

Find someone who is striving for a similar goal and make them your BFF. It makes a HUGE difference when you have a friend on the journey. Not all of your friends are going to be into ALL of the same things as you. I have a friend who I bounce my spiritual goals off of, a friend who keeps me in check with my Mom goals, and a few friends who are on the healthier living journey with me. You will have a better chance at success if you connect with another same-goal-oriented human being regularly.

I am taking care of business, y’all and these little motivational hacks have helped me do it! What are y’all doing to get yourselves moving? Share your ideas in the comments below!

XOX, Gabrielle

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