Are Good Deals Bringing Down Your Quality of Life?

Are savings and good deals bringing down your quality of life?Don’t you love a good deal? Me too! But let me make a suggestion; if you don’t NEED it, don’t buy it!

Let me start by telling you that I am SO guilty here. Ridiculously guilty! I LOVE to save money and I LOVE a good deal! I mean I regularly buy junk I don’t need if I find it cheap enough. I know I’m not the only one, right?

If it’s a good deal, I feel obligated to buy it. I almost can’t walk away from something dirt cheap. Something in me just refuses to budge when staring down a good deal, even if it is something I really don’t need.

You may be shocked to hear me say this, but sometimes you just need to walk away from that good deal. Don’t buy it, even if you have never seen it that cheap before, or you have coupons and its a great deal, or whatever other justification that runs through your brain.

If you don’t need it (and most likely won’t need it) or already have enough or too many, just say “no”!

Take toys for instance. The more toys that enter my house, the more stressed I get. We have SO MUCH junk. My boys bedrooms seem to overflow with toys. Their bookshelves are covered, their toy box is hidden under a mountain of toys, their closets are crammed full.

And the clothes?! My word, how many sets of clothing do they need? I could basically not do laundry for a month and they would be just fine.

I literally cringe every time I walk past their room.

I have purged their stuff, and purged again. I feel like I am constantly at this place. I am constantly looking around wondering where all this stuff comes from. And then it hit me. I had that “aha” moment!

I bought this junk! I spent my money on it because it was such a good deal. I am causing my own stress, and paying to do it!

We are so used to just buying new stuff. Shopping is a hobby instead of a necessity. We rely on stuff to make us happy. We use stuff to build memories. Everywhere we turn and everything we do is about STUFF.

Then, that same stuff clutters up, stresses us out and takes more time to tidy and clean, actually bringing down our quality of life.

Are savings and good deals bringing down your quality of life?

So, I ask myself and I am asking you; was that good deal worth it? Did that savings pay off?

My answer is: NO! I am making a deal with myself. I am going to walk away from a good deal if it isn’t something I actually NEED. I’m not saying it will be easy, and I’m not saying it won’t take some time to change my low-down, dirty ways. But I aim to stop cluttering up my life with all these good deals. I hope to only buy a good deal when it meets a “need”, instead of a “want”. I really don’t have time to shop for the fun of it anyway!

Who is with me? Are you sick and tired of having too much stuff and ready to start saying “no” to some of the deals? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

XOX, Gabrielle

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XOXO, Gabrielle

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