Savings Changes at Walmart?

save money at walmart, grocery savings, save money, frugal grocery shoppingI have a love/hate relationship with Walmart. I love the selection and the prices, but I hate the struggle of having to actually go in there. It’s huge, which is necessary for the great selection, but that means more walking and therefore more time spent in there. Time is precious, people!

But, those good prices keep me coming back.

But, change is in the wind on Walmart savings, y’all!

Walmart is no longer price matching! Some areas are, but my area is NOT. There doesn’t seem to be any official word on when they will completely stop price matching across the board, but my area is definitely over it. Trust me, I called around!

Walmart’s website has a very vague policy on price matching. See?

That’s all they say about it, for realz. So I called them up and talked to a nice lady at corporate named, Kathy. (Thanks Kathy, you were awesome!) Here’s what we know…

Price matching is being completely phased out.

That’s right people, one of Walmart’s well-known, well-loved and definitely well-used savings programs is ending. If you are wondering if your store still does it, all you have to do is ask, or check the doors for a price-matching sign, or call the corporate office at 1-800-925-6278 and they will check for you.

And while I had her, I asked Kathy at corporate if any changes to the coupon policy where expected soon. She said there aren’t any changes on the coupon horizon at this time. So, at least we can still use our coupons like we are used to!

So what does this mean for our savings?

If you depend on the price matching option to keep your grocery budget down, you will have to find other ways to save. The replacement to price matching that Walmart is offering to help offset the loss of price matching savings is their Savings Catcher app.

What’s Savings Catcher?

Savings Catcher is an app, or a feature on their website, that checks your area sale papers for savings and applies that savings to your account if you bought anything from them that was cheaper elsewhere.

Here’s how you do it.

You create a account and download the Savings Catcher app (optional), scan or input your receipts and they do the rest. They search local competitors for better deals. If they find items you purchased at a lower price, they will give you the difference on an e-gift card. Sounds pretty good, right?

I just downloaded the app and put in my first receipt and am waiting on them to validate it and inform me if I caught any savings on it. If so, I can use the savings at any time or wait and let it add up. I’m thinking I’ll let it accumulate for a while!

So, it looks like losing the price-matching feature won’t be so bad. I think it will be a lot easier to scan in my receipts than it was to search out sale papers and remember to take them into the store. And If Hubby is shopping for me, forget about it! That sweet man is NOT going to take in sale papers and deal with all that. Now I can just scan in his receipts too.

What do you think? Will you miss price matching? Have you already tried Savings Catcher? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

XOX, Gabrielle

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XOXO, Gabrielle


  1. Sheila says:

    The problem with savings catcher is that it doesn’t match at least half of the things I’ve been able to match in store (fruits and vegetables for example) and those are the areas where I have the biggest savings. I am trying to decide how I will change my shopping.

  2. Kellie says:

    I’ve been using the savings catcher app for a year and have “saved” about $200. I love it!! It’s even better when I remember to take my coupons lol

  3. Roseann Hampton says:

    I was so disappointed when they stopped price matching at my store about a month ago. And I agree with Sheila, Saving Catcher doesn’t “catch” most of the stuff I buy because I buy very little processed/boxed food. They used to but they quit doing it a while back.

    • says:

      Hi Roseann! Thanks for stopping by. I have been hearing that Savings Catcher isn’t all that great from quite a few people. That’s disappointing.

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