Baby Junk Worth Paying For, Save Money Somewhere Else

Baby items that are worth spending money on. Baby essentials worth the money. Save money on baby!It’s almost baby time at our house and it’s Mother’s Day weekend, too! What better time to share all the baby essentials that I feel a frugal Mama should spend money on. I’m all about saving money, but sometimes you just have to spend it, y’all!

If you missed last week’s post, I shared the baby junk I feel is a complete waste of money. Check that out here. Babies are expensive, y’all! So, you should save money where you can. But, some of the baby paraphernalia really is worth the money. Check out this penny-pincher’s list of must-have baby items that are completely worth the money…

Baby items that are worth spending money on. Baby essentials worth the money. Save money on baby!

A Good Rocker

Okay y’all, it took me two children to learn this lesson. I got myself one of the less comfortable, wooden glider rockers with my first born. I did’t love it, but it was so much cheaper. It worked though.

Well, on my 2nd born, that thing developed an annoying creak. Plus it wasn’t as cozy and comfy as some of the over-stuffed rockers. You know, the crazy expensive ones? Well, finally, on baby number 3 I decided it was worth the investment, especially since we plan on having one more baby before we shut down the baby factory.

I should have just gotten the good one the first time, it is totally worth it. It would have easily lasted me through 4 babies. My sister-in-law’s nice, over-stuffed rocker lasted her that long. She knew what she was doing when she got that thing. But I, on the other hand, let my frugality bite me in the rear on that one. Just get the good chair Mama. You will be thanking yourself in the middle of the night for the next year or your life!

Quality Bottles

I have always used Avent bottles. I love them, especially now that they make the ones that do not require the little ring inside. They are so easy to clean and work so well for my babies. I worry that the cheap ones will give my baby too much air. And, I love that you can change the nipple flow on the Avent bottles. I always get excited when I can move the baby up to a faster flowing nipple. That means a faster feeding process!

Nursing Bras, Gowns and Tops

This time around I plan to be a hard-core breast-feeder, for baby Caleb’s sake, but for my sake as well. My Mother has breast cancer and her oncologist told me that I could drastically reduce my chances of getting it myself if I breast feed for a total of 2 years (all my children put together, not two years straight on one child – Thank the God Lord!). So I NEED to make this work.

I invested in 4 gowns that are designed for breastfeeding. I got a bunch of nursing bras and some nursing tank tops. Breastfeeding can get frustrating and having the right tools to make the job easier will give me a better chance of sticking with it. I mean, who wants to have to undress to feed their baby, or shove their shirt up over their baby’s head and suffocate the poor thing!

If you want to make breastfeeding a success, invest in some clothing that will help you achieve it!


Breast Pump

Speaking of breast feeding. I highly recommend getting a good electric breast pump. Nursing is great, but there will be times that having pumped milk on hand will really help a busy Mama out. A good, quality breast pump can make you more efficient and allow other people to feed the baby too. I have used Modela and Lansinoh and love both!


Decent Diapers

If you read last week’s post, you know that I don’t feel like I have to have the most expensive diapers in the world to get the job done, but I do think it is worth getting decent quality diapers. You really don’t save any money by buying the cheapest ones because the low quality causes you to have to use more of them. There goes that money you though you were saving!


I completely believe in swaddling a baby! It works, and my babies loved it! Swaddles are designed to hold little arms down and keep babies from startling themselves and therefore waking themselves up. I am all about anything that will keep a baby (and his Mama) sleeping at night!

Diaper Pail

This one is important y’all. I know, you are thinking it’s a glorified trash can, but in the beginning that’s exactly what you need. As your baby gets older and goes through less diapers in a day it won’t seem so important. But a good diaper pail that blocks out the smell can really make your home a happier place. TRUST ME!

We use this one and love it…


Yes, they are completely unnecessary. No, your baby would never know the difference if you skipped monogrammed items and saved your money. Okay, so they are a waste. BUT, this penny-pinching Mama totally believes in them. I love to have a few monogrammed items for my baby.

I’m not talking about putting his name or initials on everything he owns, but a nice monogrammed blanket, bib, pacifier clip and a few outfits can’t hurt, right? Just think of all the money you saved on the pointless baby junk you didn’t buy! 😉

A new baby can mean a lot of new stuff. Some of it necessary, some of it a complete waste. Don’t be too frugal and miss out on all of the fun! I’m preaching to the choir here too, y’all. 😉

I hope this list encourages you to buy the things that are worth it, and a few that are just for fun! Have a Happy Mother’s Day, friends!

XOX, Gabrielle

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  1. Julie- Logger's Wife says:

    Definitely, definitely get good quality nursing bras. The cheap ones are awful!

    Agree about the diaper pail. We did just a trash can for about a year with our first. Once I finally purchased a Diaper Genie, I couldn’t believe it took me so long. Very much worth it.

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