85 Ways We Saved Money in 2016

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Happy Saturday friends! Before January gets away from us, I wanted to remind you of all of the fun and crazy ways I saved money last year. There are 85! Here are all of 2016’s “Ways We Saved” posts in one place for your enjoyment!

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February Savings

I started writing these posts in March of last year, and form the first one, I was hooked on telling all of you lovely readers the crazy ways I cut costs. I even told y’all about my frugal vacation in this post.

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March Savings

March was a busy month but we saved money left and right. We kicked booty from Easter, to potty training, to recovering our dining room chairs! Check it out…

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April Savings

The biggest way we saved in April was my son’s frugal construction birthday party. We did it for $72, y’all. But that’s not the only way we saved last April. You can see the other fun ways we cut costs in the post below.

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May Savings

May was full of savings, but the craziest thing I did last May was recycle Mylar balloons for one of my son’s birthday parties. Is that ridiculous? It worked y’all!

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June Savings

The most exciting way we saved money in June was on prescription drugs! Those pharmacy discount cards are legit, y’all!

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July Savings

We saved on travel, our anniversary and a few other things in July. It was a slower month on savings, but we still saved!

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August Savings

August was full of savings, y’all! And hubby even got in on it. Check out how he got on the savings ban wagon in this post!

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September Savings

We saved a lot of money on essential oils and tooth whitening, among other things last September. Check out all the fun savings in the post below.
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October Savings

I got most excited about my $1 sports bras and panties in October. But, we did save 75% on Halloween costumes and got free family photos among other things.

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November Savings

We saved a lot in November. I even shared my Black Friday haul in that post. Check it out.

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December Savings

Last month was full of savings. My most exciting savings was my children’s Christmas attire. I switched up their outfits to give them multiple looks for different events. You can see some of their precious Christmas pictures in this post.
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I am all about saving money. Sometimes I take frugality to the  extreme, but I have a good time doing it. I hope you enjoyed my 2016 line up of ‘Ways We Saved.”

What about you? What have you been doing to cut costs and save money lately? Share your ideas with us in the comments below!

XOX, Gabrielle

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