6 Things Frugal People SHOULD Spend Money On

I’m really  cheap  frugal. No, “cheap” does describe me. I wrote a post about things I refuse to buy here. But, there are a few things that I absolutely do not mind paying for. Now, if I can get some savings on these things, I will do what I gotta do to make it happen, but when it comes down to it, some things are just worth the money.

Sometimes, frugal gals can fall into the trap of going cheap so often that we do it on things that will actually cost us money in the long run. Here is a list of 6 things that you should splurge on because being cheap on these things will cost you money and/or a portion of your sanity.


6 things frugal people should spend money on


Nice bedding is worth your money. You sleep in your sheets every single night. It is worth spending the cash to have a nice sheet set. We actually special ordered a set of linen sheets and a set of bamboo sheets. Y’all, those sheets are ridiculously luxurious! I do not even put our cotton sheets on the bed any more. I rotate between the linen and the bamboo sheets. Getting in the bed is my favorite moment of the day! 😀

Mattresses and pillows are worth the extra money, too. You spend half of your life in the bed. To me, its worth spending extra money to make sleeping as comfortable as possible.


A nice bra is worth your money. You gotta take care of the girls! And, when someone is not wearing a well-fitting, well-made bra, you can tell. I will not wear it if it isn’t good quality, I don’t care how cute or how cheap it is. Victoria’s Secret always has coupons for $10 off a bra. If you get their credit card you can get a bra coupon (and free panties) every month.

Do NOT buy me! I'm cheap andwill make you look frumpy.



In my experience (and let me just tell you, I have a lot of experience with SHOES!!!) an expensive shoe is SO MUCH more comfortable than a cheap shoe. And, they actually last you more then one season. I used to buy cheap but adorable $10-20 shoes all the time. I would have to throw them away after a year because they would literally be falling apart. My favorite pair of black high heels are Michael Kors and they have lasted me for 4 years so far and still look and feel fabulous! You definitely get what you pay for when it comes to shoes.

That includes nice leather boots. They can last so long, you get tired of them before they wear out.


Do not buy cheap diapers for a newborn! They are not worth it. I tried the cheapest store brands with both boys and almost every single diaper leaked. You go through so many of them, that you aren’t actually saving money. Once they are older you can get  by with it, but don’t waist your money by using them in the beginning.


I have wonderful towels! I have had them for about 5 years and they are still good to go. They are nice, soft, plush and really big. They weren’t cheap though. My friend buys cheap towels every year on Black Friday. Once Black Friday rolls around again, she NEEDS new towels. I wonder how much money I have saved by not buying new towels every year (even though I paid a bit more for mine)? I don’t expect to need new ones for another five years. When it comes to towels, you absolutely do get what you pay for!


Buy me! I'm nice and luxurious and will not not fall apart next month! (1)


There is not a lot in this world that makes my husband mad, but bad Wi-Fi gets him every time. You NEED good Wi-Fi if you use the internet regularly at your house, and these days, who doesn’t?! Before we got our Wi-Fi all figured out, we spent a lot of time waiting on things to load and the router to reboot. Ain’t Nobody got time for that! And ain’t nobody got time for a testy husband. 😉

It’s all about moderation. I am willing to give up some things so I can more freely spend on other things. What else do you think is worth the splurge?

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