5 Ways Single Moms Crush The Mom Struggle

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Last week hubby was out of town so I got to experience the single Mom thing. Let me just go ahead and give a shout out to all you single Mamas out there. You ladies are awesome! I could barely hack it for a week. You are some strong, beautiful ladies.

I have a great husband who helps me around the house and with the children. Thank you Jesus! This week was a real eye-opener for me. The overlying lesson I learned was this:

Having a good husband is a HUGE blessing. When he is home, half of the time I feel like he isn’t doing anything to help me, but now I see that is far from the truth. He has a big impact on our home. He actually does help me out, but even his presence makes a huge difference.

Having another adult to talk to and share the load and the joy makes everything better. I have found a new appreciation for what I have!

The single mom struggle is real!

Finding a spare moment to think was difficult, keeping any semblance of a clean house was exhausting, and working out was completely impossible. Needless to say, I learned a lot last week!

Here are 5 funny things I learned during my Single Mom week…frugal flying (1)

Vomit is NOT good for your Hair!

Ok y’all, vomit is never pleasant, but dealing with a vomiting two-year-old at 1:30 a.m. alone is really unpleasant. Add to that that he threw up in my hair, on his bed, between the bed rails and on the carpet. Y’all! I was up at 1:30 bathing him, washing laundry, scrubbing carpet, cleaning out bed rails and washing my hair. Alone!

Normally I would NOT wake my husband up over a vomiting toddler, but I draw the line at hair vomit. A Mama needs some help when her hair is on the line. The mom struggle was REAL that night!

Single Moms Crush It: Single Moms deal with vomit alone all the time. Even hair vomit!

Pizza is NOT acceptable for supper every night of the week.

I love pizza but my thighs do not! But, that’s a whole other struggle.

My children love it above all other foods. We ended up with two left over pizzas from an event I went to. Would it be terrible of me to admit that they ate pizza once almost every day last week? Ok fine, WE ate pizza once a day! Needless to say, I will not be getting on the scale for a week or so.

Single Moms Crush It: Single Moms know how to feed their family regular meals, not pizza every night of the week!

“Me Time” doesn’t exist.

So guess how much TV I watched this week??? Um, none. Unless you count me catching a glimpse of Veggie Tales while passing through the living room with a laundry basket full of clothes to be put away.

Single Moms Crush It: Single Moms don’t get as much “me time.” Or maybe they are just more organized than me and know how to make it happen.

Spiders are, in fact, the Devil.

Ok, so I was doing the laundry. Story of my life. 😉 When I leaned the bathroom hamper over I noticed something on the outside of it. Something very, very wrong. Upon closer inspection, I realized that it was the world’s largest, hairiest, nastiest spider. I kid you not, it was the biggest one I have ever seen outside of a zoo.

Normally, this would be the moment when I run out screaming and send Hubby in to take care of business. Much to my chagrin that was NOT an option. I did end up screaming, but I had to take care of business myself.

So what did I do? The only thing I could! I grabbed the nearest bottle of hairspray and glued that hairy sucker to the floor. It worked! Then I had to put him in the trash. That was a little bit of a struggle. 🙁 Then I took that trash bag all the way out to the road, in the poring rain, just to get it out of my house.

If I were braver, my pet spider and I could have been in the Guinness Book of World Records. But alas, I am not and he is no more.

Single Moms Crush It: Single Moms know how to handle a spider without loosing their religion or wasting their hairspray.

Things DO go bump in the night.

I woke up in the night at least once every single night while Hubby was gone. I would hear the house settle, a fly buzz by or a bubble pop in a bottle of coke in the fridge and come flying up out of my sleep ready to dial 911 and run for the hills.

One of the wake-ups was legit though! I awoke to a flock of ducks having a party right outside my window at 4:00 a.m. one night! Ducks do hang out on our lawn regularly, but I have never noticed any wild duck parties going down in the middle of the night before. They were really “turnt up” that night though! 😉

Single Moms Crush It: Single Moms know how to sleep without freaking out at every bump and creek.

Single Moms know how to take care of themselves, their children and their home. They are strong even when they feel weak and they take care of business even when it seems impossible! I have a new respect for women that have stepped up and been the provider, nurturer and strength of their homes whenever the need arose.

To you single moms out there: I know life would be easier with a good man by your side and I hope God sends you the perfect one for you. But, in the meantime, you keep on crushing that Mom Struggle you wonderful Mama, you!

Update: After reading some of the comments in reaction to this post, I realize that I  need to clarify some things…

My week without my husband in no way showed me what it is like to really be a single parent, I know that. Single parents face real issues, problems and struggles that married/partnered parents know nothing about. And, just because you are married or have a partner doesn’t mean they are a good parent either. I have a lot of respect for parents who do it alone. Single parents are strong and have figured out how to make a beautiful life for their families and I respect that. This post is not intended to poke fun at them or their struggles, rather to laugh at my own inefficiencies in that department. 

Now it’s your turn! Have you ever found yourself as a temporary single mom and realized you didn’t quite like it? It gives you a new respect for the women that do it, doesn’t it? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Toodles, Gabrielle

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XOXO, Gabrielle


  1. Kellie says:

    Putting myself through nursing school…… school full time, working 3 jobs, taking care of the kid, the house & bills, court battles, a stalker and the ex trying to kill me……..all with no assistance but I would do it over again in a heart beat for my baby girl!! She is worth ALL my struggles

  2. Tami Downs says:

    Being a single mom is a struggle and as a single parent I have tackled obstacles I never thought I could. Last week I conquered a lizard in my laundry room. (after much screaming and running) I love reading your article and could relate to everything you wrote. Keep up the good work!!

  3. Julie @ Logger's Wife says:

    My husband works long hours and can be gone with little notice for 1-30 days for work. So I’ve gotten used to the “sometimes a single mom” thing. Gotten pretty good at it, honestly. It is harder with a preschooler and a baby instead of just one kid. I always think my husband doesn’t do much child-wise but he does play with the 4yr old when I’m burned out at the end of the day, he holds the baby when I need an extra pair of hands, etc.

    Most the things you listed are my life anyway so whatever. But snakes in the yard? Lawn mowing? Snow removal? Yea, I don’t handle those things. My times as only parent definitely make me appreciate moms who are 100% single moms. You do what you gotta do and they know that more than anyone. (visiting from Thrifty Thursday)

    • mgrtyler@yahoo.com says:

      Hi Julie! I have friends whose husbands work out of town a lot like yours and I have a new appreciation for those Mamas too! Thanks for stopping by. I always like heading over to your site and seeing what you have going on!

    • mgrtyler@yahoo.com says:

      I can only imagine. I don’t have a daughter yet, but hopefully one day I will and I will be able to sympathize for real!

  4. Margo says:

    I am a single mom of two wild and crazy, fun loving boys! I loved your blog! The single mom struggle is real! All that you said is true and then some. Dog vomit is worse than kid and I don’t do either well, but you deal! My motto is, My house is a mess, but I am blessed! Thanks for sharing and good luck the next time your hubby is away!

  5. Hether says:

    Though i loved the post, and the commendations to the single moms, being married and having a husband absent for a week does not compare to the struggles of being a single parent. Your child(ren) don’t ask where their father is, or why he hasn’t shown up, or why he only sees them for an hour every couple of months. As a married woman, you don’t usually deal with the struggle of a single income, and have the father miss child support payments, and go without meals so your child doesn’t go hungry before the next pay cheque.

    The role of a single parent (more often then not, a single mom) , is not something to take lightly. We don’t always have the option for a sitter to get “me” . Me time is being able to use the washroom uninterrupted; to get that bath we havent been able to have for 4 days without kids wanting to climb in and splash around.

    • mgrtyler@yahoo.com says:

      I know it doesn’t, but it did give me a little peek into some of what its like. I have even more respect for you and the other single Mamas out there!

    • Mom in Missouri says:

      Thank you, a lot of this is what I was thinking. I don’t want to bring negativity to this blog, but all of those are things that may have had to be dealt with if a spouse was gone to the store, or sick, or working a late shift. Not anything like the actual struggles of being a single parent. I am sure a lot of married/partnered mom’s thought this was a cute blog, and are coming up with experiences of their own, but it’s rather insulting to this so gle mom.

      • mgrtyler@yahoo.com says:

        I meant no offense. I clearly state that single moms are awesome. I know that real problems exist, this was meant as a laugh at myself.

    • Nikki says:

      You are right about that. There is nothing lighthearted about single motherhood and a silly blog post about spiders and vomit is borderline insulting and definitely out of touch. Most single mothers didn’t choose that path and have to deal with issues way bigger than loud ducks and time for TV. Try finding a decent affordable place to raise your kids, no help from anyone (time or money), trusted affordable childcare, time off of work for sick kids (forget you ever getting a sick), emotional turmoil from the ex not just for you, but also for your innocent children, no extra money ever to do anything, when your married friends stop inviting you and your kids over bc it makes them uncomfortable or my favorite excuse for the ending of invites was that I never came to anything (ummm, I don’t have the extra money for a babysitter let alone gas!) And the absolute worst is raising a son by yourself and there isnt one man who will step up and offer to teach your son anything without expecting something in return. I’ll stop now. If you really want to help single mom’s, offer to babysitt for free and give them a day off, send an anonymous gift card or better yet, ask hubby if he would help teach a single mom’s son to play a ball game or build a birdhouse. Thanks

      • mgrtyler@yahoo.com says:

        Sorry to offend, I had no intentions of hurting anyone’s feelings and this was meant as a laugh at myself. Have a great day!

  6. ArealSinglemom says:

    I actually found this article very hurtful and a joke. Some of the comments even more so. There is no such this as a sometimes single mom. Either you are or you’re not. Being home alone for 1 week does not give you even the slightest idea of what it is really like. To the reader who post “I don’t know how single moms do it without Jesus” do you a actually think all single moms are not Christian and don’t know Jesus. I personally do and have a wonderful group of single moms who a lot of them are believers.
    You have no inkling of what daily life is really like for single moms. This should have been really labeled as life while hubby was a way bc you are NOT a single mom at all and I truly wish you never have to experience it for real.
    I once knew a lady I was not friends with her. But our girls went to a Christian school together. Her hubby traveled all the time at least once a month and she did the whole “oh I’m a single mom for the week” just like you did. Well one day her hubby didn’t come home he died on that last trip.

    • mgrtyler@yahoo.com says:

      No offence intended! I have much more respect for you just from my tiny look into what some of it is like. As you can see, the post clearly states that I think single Moms are awesome because they know how to rock at life without the help of a man, a skill I do not have. Have a lovely say and keep on rocking!

  7. Jessica says:

    I recently discovered your blog and am enjoying going back reading through it. I enjoyed this post. No, being alone for a week is not the same thing as being a full time single parent, but it does help give you an appreciation for what someone does go through alone. And yes, I AM a single parent. I was not the least bit offended by this post. It was lighthearted and fun.

  8. Karla Campos says:

    Being a single mom is a struggle at times for sure. I’m lucky that my ex husband and I agree co parenting is important. Some single moms don’t have that support.

  9. Jenny J says:

    Love this article. I’ve been married to an alcoholic (currently trying to pursue divorce) for years. So even before he moved out, it was pretty much all me. (Heck-the years he lived with us were even harder because I was taking care of him too-can I get an Amen) But, like many said it before, I find the strength to do it all for my three beautiful girls with the help of family, faith and friends. This made me smile and laugh because it’s all so true, but more than that, it made me feel like someone out there gets it and appreciates that the struggle is real. Carry on, single moms(and dad’s)! Nothing but love for all of you!

    • mgrtyler@yahoo.com says:

      Hey Jenny! Thanks for stopping by and thanks for the good vibes! Way to go for doing what’s right for your family. Stay strong Super Mama!

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