4 Tricks for a Frugal Easter

I love Easter! Easter baskets, Easter eggs, Easter clothes! If you partake in all those fun parts of the holiday, it can quickly become an expensive weekend.

I am all about observing the spiritual side of it and making sure my children know the meaning of Easter, but I also like to let them enjoy the fun, though very commercialized, side of it too. Of course, being the frugal lady that I am, I have to make it cheap.

Here are 3 ways we save money and have a frugal Easter:

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Frugal Easter Baskets

I never buy Wal-Mart’s pre-packaged Easter baskets. They really don’t have much in them and they look pretty tacky in my opinion. I can do an Easter basket myself very cheaply by 1.) shopping after Easter and buying clearance items to save for the next year, and 2.) shopping at the Dollar Tree.

Instead of buying an actual bucket, bin or basket to stuff each year with their Easter treats, I use their Easter baskets. They hunt eggs with them and they receive their treats in them. I save money by not buying a bucket each or basket each year and I don’t want a bunch of buckets and baskets floating around my house anyway.

Frugal Filled Easter Eggs

I refuse to buy the pre-filled plastic Easter eggs. There is a huge mark-up on those things. I don’t even buy the empty plastic eggs. I save the eggs my kids hunt each year and refill them with fresh candy. I even use Halloween candy to fill them if I still have any when Easter rolls around. I make sure it is still in date, of course!

Frugal Died Eggs

Just buy the die kits after Easter and save them. It works. You can save 90% doing that!

Frugal Easter Outfits

I love dressing my family for Easter! My boys look so sweet and Springy in their new Easter clothes! I refuse to go out and pay full price in April, though. I always buy my whole family’s Easter outfits in the Winter when I can get them for at least 75 % off. I save a lot of money this way!

You can even DIY your Easter outfits, if you are feeling crafty. Like this cute little tutu, or this precious little shirt.

Easter is about the resurrection of our Savior, don’t forget to observe that this season. But I hope you take a few of these tips to help save money so you can better enjoy the commercialized part of it, too!

Make sure you know what is happening in your community around Easter time. You can really enjoy a lot of free and fun events if you just pay attention to what is being offered!

Happy Easter from our family to yours! Now it’s your turn, do you have any frugal Easter tips you want to share with us?

XOX, Gabrielle

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