11 Car Line Activities to Keep You Busy

11 activities to kkep you busy while waiting in the car line.

As a Mom, I am always feeling pressed for time. So, sitting in the car line for after school pick up leaves me at a loss. What is this strange space of time with nothing to do? Dare I say it, is this what BOREDOM feels like? I have no frame of reference for such things. I don’t get two seconds to use the potty alone, much less 30-40 minute spans of uninterrupted down time! What am I supposed to do with this?

Nothing! Sometimes nothing is the best answer. Sometimes staring into oblivion and breathing in some silence is exactly what I need. Talk about a little car line therapy! But, when I have younger children with me, silent staring into space isn’t an option. So, why not be productive?

Here are 11 ways to keep busy and be productive in the car line…11 activities to keep you busy in the car line or anywhere you have to wait in your car.

1. Write a letter or card.

Because who has time to sit down and write a letter? But, don’t you just love receiving one!? Why not use the car line time to brighten up someones actual mailbox?

2. Read a book.

I love to read but always feel like I am being too indulgent when I do. If you have nothing else to do but wait, you can’t feel guilty for reading.

3. Read the Bible.

Who doesn’t need more time in The Word?

4. Pray.

If you are a Mama, you know the value of prayer. Am I right?

5. Make a grocery list.

I don’t know why, but making a grocery list seems like such a chore to me. There is no better time to get it over with than while sitting in the car line.

6. Spend quality time with the younger kids.

Sometimes I like to have long, in depth conversations with my 3 year old while sitting in the car line. And by long and in depth, I mean me patiently waiting for him to take 2 minutes to tell me one sentence. Normally, I am always in a  rush and sometimes waiting for him to tell me something gets a little burdensome. Sitting there with nothing to do and nowhere to go means I have ample time to wait on him to form those thoughts and get them out.

7. Nurse the baby.

I don’t know if you are cool with whipping it out and nursing your baby wherever, but by child number 3, I have finally had to let go of some of my reservations and feed my baby wherever necessary. I mean, I am modest and discreet, but you do what you gotta do. The car line has been no exception for me.

8. Clean out the car.

Nothing says #momlife like climbing around, in and out of your car while other parked parents look on. Who am I kidding? They are too busy scrolling on their phones to notice.

9. Knit something.

I don’t knit, but if I did the car line would so be the place for it. Maybe I’ll take up knitting as a car hobby.

10. Get crafty.

Okay, so if knitting isn’t your thing, find out what it. Bring some crafty things you can do in the car to get your creative fix.

11. Make some phone calls.

You will probably think I am old-fashioned when I suggest calling people, but don’t forget, actually talking on the phone used to be a thing. For realz! Some folks still like to talk rather than text. And some folks enjoy shooting the breeze. I rarely have time for shooting the breeze so the car line is a great spot for me to call my grandmother and chat, or catch up with friends I don’t see or talk to very often.

Or, less exciting, you could make calls you have been putting off, like dealing with bills and appointments. Boring I know, but necessary sometimes!

Well there ya have it. Eleven things you can do to kill time in the car line that don’t involve falling into a Facebook hole or making big plans on Pinterest.

Your turn! What else can we do to make the most of our car line time? Share your thoughts in the comment below!

XOX, Gabrielle

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