10 Ways to Save a Lot of Money on a Cruise

10 frugal ways to save money on your next cruise.I have been on a lot of cruises. I LOVE cruising. In fact, just about any time I see a bathing suit, smell anything remotely coconutty or just see a large body of water, I get that “cruise feeling”. My husband just expects me to feel cruise-y at least once a day.

So how can a penny-pincher, like myself, afford to cruise frequently? I’m so glad ya asked!

Check out 10 frugal ways I cruise on the cheap:10 ways to save a lot of money on your next cruise. You can cruise find a chepa cruise and be a frugal cruiser.

Know when to go.

You can save the most money by choosing to cruise in the off season. October-February is the cheapest months we have found to cruise. November seems to be the time we end up cruising the most.

Drive to the port.

Save money by choosing to cruise out of a port that is near enough to you to drive instead of fly. This tip will not work for everyone, but if you care fairly close to a  cruise port, you can shave a lot of cash off by avoiding airfare. Of course, you will have to pay to park, but it is still cheaper than most airfare.

Choose interior cabins, on lower decks.save money on a cruise, cruise savings, cheap cruises, cheap cruise, cruise cheap

You can end up paying hundreds of dollars extra for a window in your cabin. You pay a whole lot more for a balcony. You don’t need it. You won’t spend much time in the cabin anyway.

Choose bunk beds.

This tip works very well when cruising with girlfriends. But, if you are cool with sleeping apart from your spouse, it really is a good way to cut your cruising costs.

Don’t choose a cabin at all.

Say what?! If you are willing to let the cruise line put you wherever they want you, you not only save money, but sometimes you end up in a better room than your money would have gotten you if you picked your cabin yourself.

Skip professional photo ops.

Skip the professional photos. They cost too much! Snap your own and have other people take pics of you and your crew.

Buy Local Excursions.save money on a cruise, cruise savings, cheap cruises, cheap cruise, cruise cheap

Skip cruise sponsored excursions. Buy local excursions and save a lot of cash. Of course, they are not guaranteed and protected by the cruise line, so you are taking a risk. But, we have never had a bad experience with buying excursions through local people.

Pack your own drinks.

Cruise lines make most of their money off of drinks, alcoholic and fountain. Cruise lines will allow you to bring a certain amount of bottle or can drinks as well as wine. Check your cruise line’s regulations and bring your own. Most cruise lines will serve tea, coffee and lemonade for free. Some serve fountain drinks for free too, but most do not. If you have to have your soda, find out before you go if it will cost extra. Consider a drink package to save yourself money if you just can’t go without it.

Skip the spa, or wait until everyone else is in port.

save money on a cruise, cruise savings, cheap cruises, cheap cruise, cruise cheap

I love the spa! Love it! But, you can easily spend as much money in the spa as you spent for yoru cruise fair. If you really want to be frugal on-board, just avoid the spa treatments. You can still go enjoy the sauna and gym.

If you really want a massage or spa treatment though, you can do it for a little less than full price. They will advertise specials, watch for those. Usually the cheapest you will find a spa treatment is on port days when most people are off the ship.

Another option is to use a local place once you are off of the ship. I have gotten a half hour massage on a beach-side massage table for $10. They were very professional and I couldn’t have been happier with the experience. Hearing the ocean waves in the background was an added bonus!

Skip the internet package.

Half of the reason I cruise is to disconnect from the world. Skip the internet package and save yourself some cash! You can post all of your fun cruise photos once you are back on dry land.

No matter how you choose to save money, you really can’t go wrong. Cruising is so much fun! I hope these tips help and happy cruising!

Now it’s your turn! Do you have any cruising tips to share with us? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

XOX, Gabrielle

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