The #1 Thing You Need to Save Money

how to save, save, savings, ways to save, frugal, budget, budgetting success, financial freedom, financial successSaving money and living frugally is a lifestyle. It’s a challenge sometimes, a downright bummer even, but it is worth doing and you CAN do it. But, what is the most vital element to your saving success?

The most important thing you need to be successful might be REALLY easy to get, but it might not be…

how to save, save, savings, ways to save, frugal, budget, budgetting success, financial freedom, financial success

The most important thing you need to be successful at saving money, budgeting, or living frugally is your spouses support.

You both have to be on the same page. It is nearly impossible to succeed at saving money or sticking to a budget if one of you is less concerned about it.

For example: A big part of saving money and living frugally is setting and keeping a budget. Budgeting can be a hassle, especially at first. If your husband is spending a little here and there and not keeping track of it, its impossible to stay on budget. You NEED him to be on board with this thing!

A few years ago I got all fired up about getting out of debt (a journey we are still on) but it wasn’t until I got Hubby passionate about it too that we started seeing success. That sounds lovely right? Two people on this road called life, making good choices and being fiscally responsible. That’s the dream right? But, reality isn’t always so rosy.

The struggle is, we live in a culture that pushes us and encourages us to want more, buy more and simply discard what we are tired of. We are encouraged to consume and use up and always hunger for more. That is a hard mold to break, even when you realize it NEEDS to be broken. He may need some convincing, YOU may need some convincing. 😉

So how do you get Hubby on board?

Here are a few ideas to get him passionate about savings too:

Read Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover together, or even do the Total Money Makeover Workbook together.

If reading a book together isn’t going to happen, and a workbook definitely isn’t going to happen, just look at this summary of Dave’s process together. But, you should definitely read the book yourself, it will get you pumped up and educate you at the same time.

Set a mutually beneficial goal.

Hubby isn’t going to be real invested in helping you save up for a swimming pool if he hates the sunshine, heat and mosquitoes. If your goal isn’t one he can get on board with, he isn’t likely to fully invest his effort into it, at least not long-term. Don’t give up on the swimming pool, just make it a lesser priority and find a goal you can both be excited about.

Don’t use shame or guilt to get his participation.

Just like a one sided goal, shame or guilt might get him on board at first, but not with his whole heart, and not long-term. He needs to see the benefit and care enough to want to save. Don’t use emotional manipulation to get him there because it wont last.

Be patient.

Changing your lifestyle will not be an overnight thing. Both of you will slip up and over spend, or try to slide back into old habits. Just be strong for each other, encourage each other, and make changes at a pace you can keep up with.

Side note: Are you a spiritual person? If so, you should read 7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess. It will totally rock your consumeristic world! It rocked mine.

Get Hubby on board! That’s the first and most important step. Good luck on your saving/frugal/budgeting adventure! And, don’t give up, you can do it!

What are your thoughts? Have you struggled to get your spouse involved? Share your story with us in the comments below!

XOX, Gabrielle

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